Legislation and Laws

The first conference was held under the slogan of intellectual property and economic development for two days (June 9-10, 2008).

A work sheet was prepared by Mr. Rashed Saad Al-Hajiri; Director of Commercial Supervision Department contains:

First: Kuwait Legislations related to the protection of intellectual property     rights.

Second: Report of the Office of the United states Trade Representative (USTR) No. 301.

Third: Governmental and nongovernmental entities concerned by implementing the laws issued to protect the intellectual property rights.


Fourth: the role of General Administration of Customs on the protection of Intellectual Property Rights.

Fifth: Seizure Statistics of the goods infringing the Intellectual Property Law for the year 2007.

Sixth: Reasons of Commercial Fraud and Imitation.


Seventh: Recommendations of General administration of Customs.


A work sheet was prepared by the Ministry of foreign Affairs contained:

·          Types of Intellectual Property.

·          Role of the Ministry of foreign Affairs in activating intellectual property rights.

A work sheet was prepared by Judge: Adel Majed Boresly and Judge: Abdel Rahman Meshary Al-Dramy - Ministry of Justice and dealt with the following topics:

·          Legal protection of Author's rights.

·          Precautionary Measures.

·          Civil responsibility and recompensing the Author.

·          Penal responsibility and punishing the infringer of the author's rights.